Are you looking for special memorial jewellery, a bespoke piece for a special occasion, or do you have old and broken jewellery you no longer wear and would like it made into something new.

At Monica Milton Jewellery, I can design a new special piece to remember your loved ones or your loved family pet which can incorporate hair or ashes.

Or I could design and make a special piece to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or even to treat yourself.

Any sterling silver and all carats of gold can also be melted to create a unique piece. All jewellery is tested before melting and if the jewellery has gemstones, these can be set in the new piece of jewellery.

All initial consultations are FREE

Commissions start from £60 depending on:

  1. The type of piece –wither it is a pendant, ring, brooch, bangle, earrings or memorial box.

  2. The design and the size of the piece.

  3. If the piece made in silver or gold

  4. Is there any gold or silver you want to melt?

  5. Would you want the piece set with gemstones?

  6. Do you have any gemstones you would like included in the new piece?

  7. I can have the piece engraved by a local master engraver

  8. If you wanted your piece plated, I can also do this in my studio.

Designs incorporating hair or ashes can either be set using resin; this can be clear or coloured and can also include a gemstone, or be enclosed in a memorial box, set with a gemstone.

Gold Bangle and Earrings Made from Customers Gold.
Gold Bangle and Earrings Made from Customers Gold.
Sterling Silver Memorial Box for Ashes or Hair
Sterling Silver Memorial Box for Ashes or Hair
Sterling Silver and Resin Ashes Pendant

All commissions start with a free consultation, this can be done face to face, by zoom or by email. I will then draw up some designs for you. If you have chosen gemstones, I will also source a selection for you to choose from.

Once the design has been approved, a non refundable deposit is required, usually 20%. I will then start making your piece and will keep you updated through WhatsApp or email with photos of how your piece is looking. 

After the piece is made and you are happy with it, it will be sent to the Edinburgh Assay Office for hallmarking (learn more about hallmarking here).

The stone setting and final polish will be done once I receive the piece back from hallmarking.

The whole process takes between 2-3 weeks however this can be longer depending on the design and hallmarking stages.

The balance is due when you receive and are happy with your new piece.

Click here to view some of my previous commissions.

If you would like further information or to discuss a possible commission, please do not hesitate to contact me.